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It’s becoming really well known that a dip into cold water is good for your mental health, but just in case you missed that news, or fancy finding out more, I thought we’d discuss!

Submerging the body in cold water can lift brain fog, clear your mind of troubles, and give you a feeling of exhilaration that can be addictive, in a good way. Regular dips in chilly water can even cause an anti-inflammatory response in the body, helping you fight depression.  And if you're anti-cold water, how about just grabbing a CBD tea and taking in the vista?

Last year on my birthday we were out having drinks when my husband dared me to go into the sea with him for a swim. It was 9.30pm (luckily my birthday is in July) and the sun was setting in front of Porthmeor beach. I was wearing mismatching underwear and thong pants, and I’d also eked out my celebrations for a week, so wasn’t in peak condition (massive carb baby). We didn’t even have a towel, and there were what seemed like 200 tourists on the beach photographing the epic sunset. However, something inside me thought that regardless of all the above, it would be fun. We raced down to the sea, left our clothes on the shore and legged it into the cold water. The need to cover my bum outweighed the need to stay warm so I got in pretty quickly, and I genuinely believe it’s something I’ll remember forever. The freedom, the endorphins it released, the happiness I felt, made my birthday complete.

Now, we live in St Ives in Cornwall, so there’s an abundance of beaches nearby to get wet. Depending on where you’re based it might be slightly harder to find some safe water to swim in. Also, wild swimming can be intimidating for lots of reasons – you might be shy of getting your kit off in front of dog walkers, or just plain scared of being cold! You might have commitments of kids and work; it’s so easy to find an excuse not to go.

However, there are LOADS of wild swimming locations all over the UK, from beautiful lakes, rivers and lidos.  Grab a flask of CBD tea and get out there. We’ve linked to some great outdoor swimming locations below to help you take the next step.

Top tips for wild swimming:

Don’t overthink it. Just stick a date in your diary and have your kit prepared. Think of the endorphins!

Invest in a wetsuit. This helps cover any issues you might be shy about as well as staving off the icicles from your nipples. Unless you’re planning on wearing a dry suit my friend, it will still feel chilly!

Remember nobody is watching you! Worried about your body being on show? About not having the best breast stroke in the pool? Nobody cares but you! So cast those fears aside and get stuck in!

Already a pro? Drop us a comment on social media to spread the word on your favourite place to swim (Unless it's a secret!). 

Great places to swim:

Wales: Lower Ddwli Falls, Brecon Beacons

Midlands: Midlands Open Water Swim Centre

Cambridge: Granchester Meadows

London: Hampstead Heath Pools


Match your adventure with our CBD tea to keep you snuggly and warm. 









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